What to do with partial balls of Cannon threads?

How about crochet amigurumis? If you've done so with acrylic yarns or other yarns, perhaps you haven't tried it using 3 strands of thread? Making amigurumis is a very good way of using up leftover threads, or a lonesome ball of thread ;) (I'm making one now, from my leftover Cannon threads.)
Begin from one ball (or partial ball) - take the outside end of the thread and then pull the other end from the center of the ball. Then take another ball of thread so you can have 3 strands to work with. If you only have one ball, then just wound about one-third of it into a separate ball.
For the hook you can use from 3mm to 4mm hook (equivalent to 5/0 to 7/0), depending on the tightness of stitches that you want.
Here's a sneak peak at my current project in-progress, using 3 strands Cannon thread and size 6/0 hook (3.5mm):

Its the second dog amigurumi that I was inspired to design since I found our English Bulldog so adorable. The other one I made is a Dachshund, that I decided to make as a surprise gift for my son's g.f., since she showed me a picture of her dog.

Of course this isn't the exact likeness of her dog, but I was very pleased with it looking much like a Dachshund even at 3 inches tall ;) And you might be interested to know, only 25 gms. of thread was used for this project.
I can't wait to show here the real picture!
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