Snake Amigurumi Neckpiece

This is made using two strands of Cannon gold color thread. I designed and crocheted this snake necklace as an entry to a contest for the Year of the Snake, but it didn't win any prize. I'm glad to have it back, though I don't know if I'm ever going to use it. Its very comfortable to wear and the color looks nice with black attire...ordinarily, I will look crazy wearing this design. I never fancied crocheting a snake before, but surprisingly I enjoyed this project :)


Chain Shrug

This is my project made from a crochet buddy's published design, the Beatriz Shrug featured in this month's issue of Inside Crochet :) For this project I used 3 balls of Cannon thread and 3mm size crochet hook.
More details of the pattern here on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/beatriz-shrug

Cannon, a versatile cotton thread

Cannon thread can have various uses, so I can say its a versatile cotton thread. We can use different sizes of hooks, or use them in double or triple strands (as I've mentioned before). We can also try out different kinds of patterns and use it to substitute for more expensive yarns.
I've just checked out my project page on Ravelry and so far I had entered 200 projects made from Cannon threads :)
Here are some of my latest projects:


My latest crochet amigurumi projects

Most of us crocheters have made or want to make amigurumis. I've made several cats and dogs and some other creatures in the past. I observed in Ravelry that it is mostly made from worsted weight yarn, or even thicker yarn. Though there are Japanese amigurumi patterns that are made from light fingering (3-ply or 4-ply) yarn. For this we can substitute Cannon threads.
I've used our local threads for many amigurumi projects, sometimes I double or triple the strands and use from 2.5mm to 4mm hook.
Below are two of my latest projects and I used 2.5mm hook and one strand of Cannon thread. It may seem tedious, but crocheting with size 8 thread is very easy on the hands.
These cats are referred to as Lucky Cats, and we made it our Crochet-along project in our Ravelry group. The other cats we made can be seen here in my main blog ;)