Rattan Stitch Triangular Wrap

There are different ways of creating crochet fabric using cotton thread. Using various stitches will show different looks, texture and drape. If you want to make a more drapey fabric using cotton thread size 8, you can use bigger hooks than you normally use. I've been able to use up to 4mm hook for a single strand of Cannon cotton thread. It will not work with any stitch pattern...but with some experimentation you'll see that it works with simple mesh patterns. The result looks like a knitted lace fabric.
Here's my first completed project using such a technique (if I may call it that...)
The stitches used here are chain, single crochet, extended single crochet, and double crochet.

Cannon cotton thread, size 8, 175m /ball, MB104 (maroon red), 4 balls
Crochet hook size 4mm

I made the shawl again, since I gifted the first one. This time I didn't do the edging round...the raw edge looks nice too.