Crochet Black Dress in Progress

Here it is so far:

This is how it looks now, its like a basic midriff sleeveless top. It still looks boxy without the sleeves. Also, it may seem short to cover the bust fully...but with crochet thread fabric, the weight of the lower part will pull down the top part a bit. Also the design of this dress is such that the waist is fitted.
I can't wait to show you the progress on the sleeves and waist part on my next post. I made it in the same stitch pattern that I originally came up with. My own take on crossed-dc's. Stay tuned :)


Work in progress...

After taking a break from crocheting, and working on this for a few hours at a time, I have this to show. I'm now on the third ball (4 more to go!) Hopefully this will go faster after the sleeves are done, and crocheting will be worked in rounds from the midriff to the bottom end.

I have yet to sew the seams - shown here (below) are the back and front shoulder edges which I'm holding. These are the only seams that need to be hand-sewn...everything else is crocheted. 

Up next: sleeves to be crocheted on the armholes.